Childhood Cancer Awareness Blog

March 7, 2010

Welcome to our Childhood Cancer Awareness blog. We are Awareness Gift Boutique and are pleased to bring you a blog created especially to promote awareness for childhood / pediatric cancer including the 2 most prevalent childhood cancers, leukemia and brain / central nervous system cancers and tumors.   As cancer survivors, survivor spouses, and avid awareness advocates we are pleased to use this blog to deliver useful information and news regarding childhood / pediatric cancer as well as introduce some of our exclusive childhood cancer awareness designs featuring inspiring themes, powerful slogans, and striking gold childhood cancer support ribbons, each aimed at furthering awareness and supporting our children battling childhood cancers.

Having been personally affected by cancer and other life-threatening diseases, our efforts to promote and advocate awareness go beyond the sale of a t-shirt. In addition to multiple free services offered by Awareness Gift Boutique to inform and educate the public, we are regular contributors to numerous medical research charities as well as animal shelters and Save Darfur efforts.

We look forward to sharing and communicating with you through this blog and invite you to share your own thoughts, stories, and comments regarding your experience with childhood cancer or about childhood cancer in general.